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spacer Las hormigas de oro
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spacer Las hormigas de oro :: Ants of Gold

Translated by Eric Rosenberg

Price: $16.00
Trade Paperback/Bilingual Edition
ISBN 0-9678808-1-5
Pages: 104

For Eduardo Urios-Aparisi poetry is above all, word, spoken word. Word that commits, pronounces, sounds. Word that leaves knots in the voice. For Urios, words play and challenge to play, to conceive the world from different and unsuspected points of view. The poems reflect the senses of the poet; moment to moment, in seduction, abandonment, and loss. It is reality flowing and always fleeing; fragmentary, accelerated, changing and unattainable.

Eduardo Urios-Aparisi was born in Valencia, Spain in 1964. He received his Ph.D. in Classics from the University of Glasgow. He has edited the literary review Abrapalabra at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he also taught Language and Spanish Literature. This is his first book of poems.