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spacer Luna de cal :: Limestone Moon
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spacer Luna de cal :: Limestone Moon by Olivia Maciel

Translated by Eric Rosenberg

Price: $16.00
Trade Paperback/Bilingual Edition
ISBN 0-9678808-0-7
Pages: 112

In Limestone Moon Olivia Maciel interrogates the inexpressible. Metaphor reaches into a realm of light and darkness to mysteriously converse with the silence enveloping the word. The tinging of this dark light which transcends borders, reveals a vehement and genuine interior, impregnated by the seed of the dream. With almost religious intensity, the poems yield a rare fruit, whose taste evokes the ineffable.

Born in Mexico City, Olivia Maciel is the author of Saltier than Sweet, a collection of poems, and editor of the poetry anthology Shards of Light. She has contributed articles on art and culture of Latin America for several publications while teaching Spanish language and Latin American Literature. Olivia Maciel received the José Martí literary award, a national prize awarded annually. Her poetry has been published in the United States and internationally.