Ways to Support Swan Isle Press

There are many ways to support Swan Isle Press and its mission.

Read our Books

When you read our books, you are supporting Swan Isle Press. When you buy our books, that’s great. You can gift them and your friends will thank you. If you don’t want to buy your book, that’s ok, too. Ask for our books at your local library. We love libraries! If the book isn’t there, your local librarian can order it for you. We also love local bookstores, so when you buy our books there, you’re not only helping us, you’re helping the local business and your community. If the bookseller doesn’t have a book you want, you can order it from them and support the local store. And, of course, there are always online sales. Next to each of our books on this website, you will find options for online purchasing, but, please, buy from the booksellers you prefer.

Also, after you read one of our books, would you be so kind as to review the book online?

If you have a book club, we’d appreciate it if you would suggest one of our books soon.

After you read one of our books, please share the word. Write a review, discuss it on your blog, share it with Goodreads. Introduce your favorite books to your friends.

If you’re a teacher, please know that many of our books are course-adopted. Please look to our page “For Educators” to learn more.

We choose the books we publish to be read and appreciated by you.


We hope you will consider including Swan Isle Press among your recipients of your donations to cultural organizations. After all, literature is a uniquely important element of all cultures. Be assured, your donation will be much appreciated and valued, and will have a direct impact on the number of books we can publish per year. We want to grow, and we need your support.

Don’t worry if you think your contribution is small. At Swan Isle Press, every donation can have a big impact. Unlike large cultural organizations, such as ballet, art museums, and symphonies, we are small enough to really, really, really appreciate every donation. To encourage more community contributions, we have set three levels of contributions yet every level of contribution is highly valued by us.

Help Swan Isle Press soar! JOIN THE SWAN ISLE PRESS FLOCK.

  • Trumpeter Swans – contributions of $1,500+
  • Tundra Swans – contributions of $500-1,499
  • Mute Swans – Contributions of $150-499
  • Cygnets – contributions of $25-150

To learn more about donating, or to make a donation, click here.