Corriendo bajo la lluvia | Running Back Through the Rain
Author: Raúl Barrientos
Publish: April 2005
Translator: Ben Heller
Format: hardcover
ISBN: 9780967880846
Pages: 273
Language: Bilingual Spanish & English
Dimension: 6 1/4 x 9 1/4

Born in the south of Chile, but living and writing in the U.S. for the past thirty years, Raúl Barrientos eludes the easy categories: Latin American, Latino, American. All of these, and more. Yet always a poet, turning whatever he touches into startling imagery and gritty, enduring verse. These poems trace a trajectory from the 1973 coup d’etat in Chile to a difficult end-of-millennium in Manhattan. They give the reader a privileged view of a long and continually productive career in poetry—and a glimpse of the life behind it.